Meet the DJ

Paul James Brown

aka DJ James Brown

My DJ'ing career began 24 years ago, accidentally. As a pub landlord I had no choice but to do my first ever "gig" one evening when the resident DJ failed to show. As it turned out being the DJ was much more fun than being a landlord so I decided a career change was required! I then DJ'd abroad for a number of years and I established my own business in 2000 on my return to the UK.

"I play for the guests, not to the guests."

I have acquired  a vast experience in types of gigs over the years which have included all genres and decades of music. I play for the guests, not to the guests. I will gauge the kind of music that is required prior to the gig itself but I also remain adaptable when the guests want something different! Unlike many agencies and entertainment companies if you book my services, you get me. I pride myself on the personal touch by building relationships with my customers and understanding their requirements.